Friday, February 29, 2008

TED... "How do We Create?"

DAY THREE starts out with June Cohen moderating the first session. Robert Lang is up. He's an origami expert.

Ok. I'm pretty amazed that the origami pieces he's showing are all one sheet of paper. He uses mathematics to create complex origami art. Here are some samples:

He's explaining how all this is done by following simple laws. He says, "The secret is let dead people do the work for you by using their solutions"

The science of this origami has some pretty cool applications in other fields. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency use it to create a solar sail that would be stored in the smallest space possible, a heart stent using origami was created to enter the body effectively and keep blood vessels open, and other example was to store airbags efficiently.

Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club and other books, is coming up on stage. She is explaining the background of her creativity. Her childhood and how she grew up. Her father was a baptist minister who passed away early along with her brother from cancer. Her mother didn't believe in randomness, so she set out to explain these deaths. Must have been something she did or something they did? Amy Tan accepts randomness.

So her big questions are: Why do things happen? How do things happen? How do I make things happen?

She describes her trip to a village in China where she learns about the people and absorb their culture and beliefs. Ideas for her book might come from such a visit, but won't turn into anything creative until years from now.

As she continues through this presentation, I have to acknowledge her intelligence and the thought that must go into her books. I think I have to got back and reread some of her works and others that I never read.

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