Thursday, February 14, 2008

Of Course Clemens is a Cheat... Why are Republicans Idiots?

If you've been following the Roger Clemens train wreck (USA Today's timeline), it's been disappointing to learn that one of baseball's greats is also one of baseball's biggest crooks and liars.

Also if you're a Republican, like me, it was disappointing watching the Congressional hearings yesterday because the Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform were being idiots. Seriously, Rep. Dan Burton, Rep. Christopher Shays and a couple others were idiots. It's obvious after Chuck Knoblauch and Andy Pettitte confirmed Brian McNamee's story that Roger Clemens lied and cheated in baseball. Heck, it was obvious to me before this. Sure McNamee lied and isn't the most savory person, but don't side with Clemens. Don't stand on the wrong side of the train tracks. Didn't your parents teach you this?

It was embarrassing. As I was watching this Congressional circus, I was wondering why the Republicans decided to be the clowns who grilled McNamee and the Dems the lion tamers. Was it a Jedi mind-trick by Chairman Henry Waxman telling them, "Hey, why don't you guys be the bad cops on McNamee and we'll get the sucker deal and be the bad cops on Clemens..."??

More on this from ESPN:

"Going forward, questions will focus on Clemens more than McNamee"

"Clemens' answer? Blame everyone but himself"

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