Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Additional Stories From Aspen... Botox Baby, Botox

Just landed in Seoul, Korea a few hours ago. It's midnight here and 7AM back in Palo Alto. I'm sitting my in hotel room catching up on emails and decided to post a bit more on my weekend in Aspen.

I've gone to Aspen to ski before and never experienced it's nightlife. A group of us went to a club and I felt like I was in LA. Well, an LA club for older people. There was equal or greater volume of botox in the club than any place in LA. It was surreal since some of the women must have been over 60, and they were definitely cougars. One of our friends got pawed at. It was disturbing. This woman looked like a shorter, dumpier version of Joan Rivers and she tried to make a couple moves on my friend. Placing her hands on his chest. This sent chills down my spine.

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