Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meeting Vint Cerf and Geeking Out

So yesterday I dropped by Christine's office. Her desk is a few doors down from Eric Schmidt and across from Vint Cerf. He's usually traveling or I believe on the East Coast, so I saw that he was in his office and mentioned it to Christine. She asked if I wanted to meet him. I hesitated so she just said, "Let's go."

As friends will attest, I don't star glaze or am easily moved by public figures. Whether meeting Bill Clinton, Evander Holyfield, or various movie stars. In Silicon Valley, if I met Steve Jobs or Andy Grove it would be great, but nothing to increase my blood pressure. But when I met Vint Cerf yesterday I was telling myself, "How cool is this! One of the 'Fathers of the Internet'." I was totally geeking out.

From our brief interaction, he was very nice and seemed like a great person, which Christine confirmed. Right now the only other person that comes to mind that would solicit such a response from me would be Michael Jordan.

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