Thursday, January 31, 2008

Google Launches Universal Search in Korea

I knew about this for a while that Google was working on launching "Universal Search" in Korea. This allows Google to compete in South Korea, which is the 5th largest online ad market in the world. Universal Search is standard in Korea and, which has almost 80% of the search market in Korea has provided it since 2002... I think (Chang or anyone? I forgot the exact year).

"Google adopts universal search in South Korea"

Here's a sample of Universal Search within Even though it's for the Korean language, I entered "Michael Jordan" and here are the results:

So you can look above or go to this link and see that the search results are categorized by blog results, online groups, books, videos, image, news, etc.

Search Engine Land has an in-depth review of the updated service in the U.S. here.

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