Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Seems a lot of people are writing about Facebook this week, so the timing of my article will be in sync with others. I started writing a few days ago and it should be through the editing process by the end of the week :)

"Pop Quiz: If Skype=Hype, Then Facebook=?" by Kara Swisher

"It's Finally Official: eBay's Skype Has Bombed"
For some reason Henry Blodget's title cracked me up

"Amazon's MP3 store: Better than iTunes"

"For Facebook, GeoCities Offers a Cautionary Tale"

"What motivates an investor to say “yes”"

Great article for entrepreneurs

"Thoughts on the Social Graph"

"How We Got into the Subprime Lending Mess"

"Bringing the Market to Health Care"

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