Wednesday, August 1, 2007


"Google's Asia-Pacific Open House 2007: Top Tech Trends in Asia"
Video of the event that Christine (my wife heads engineering operations in APAC) organized a few weeks ago. One amusing story was by Ted Cho, Google Korea's R&D head, and how he was use to Internet service in the U.S., which is typically less than 5Mbps. He moved to Korea a few months ago and when he set up his home connection they provided him two choices, 50Mbps or 100Mbps. Even Korea's wireless services at 30Mbps is faster than the fastest hardline service here.

"FCC approves some open wireless requirements"

"comScore Report Shows Global Growth of Social Networks"

"Dow Jones & Company and News Corporation Enter Into Definitive Merger Agreement"

"Eminem sues Apple for copyright infringement"

"The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 7: Why a startup's initial business plan doesn't matter that much"
So true. Many successful startups have changed their business model mid-stream.

"Bora Yoon Plays Music in the Key of Mobiles"
My friend's sister-in-law in the press about her unique music that incorporates cellphone key sounds.

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