Monday, September 25, 2006


My wife found this amusing when I told her I got an invite through Linkedin about being a possible Bachelor candidate.

"Did they actually see you?!"

She was referring to my extra 30 pounds of love I developed over the years and knew Linkedin, as a professional social networking site, didn't ask for pictures or marital status. She offered to write the ABC staffer that sent me the mass invite and explain how I was married and overweight and how I would hurt their ratings, but I declined.

Dear Bernard,

ABC Television's hit reality television show, The Bachelor, is searching for its next star. After viewing your profile on LinkedIn, the casting producer has selected you as a potential candidate.

ABC is using LinkedIn to find its next Bachelor because this time around, they're looking for an accomplished professional. LinkedIn is about your professional life instead of your personal life, so we don?t know if your marital or relationship status qualifies you for the show. However, your professional profile fits the bill.

If you think you'd make a great 'Bachelor,' please let me know by reply and I will contact you regarding next steps. LinkedIn respects your privacy and will not release your contact information, so you must reply to the email above for us to pass you along as a candidate...

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