Monday, August 14, 2006


Not sure if you've been following the recent unethical behavior of several photographers and news outlets, such as Reuters, but definitely chalk up another win for the blogosphere.  Several blogs caught these idiots doctoring photos to promote their own biases.

TCS Daily has a good piece by Peter Glover called "Photoshop of Horrors":

The recent discovery by the Blogosphere that Reuters had doctored a photograph taken in Beirut throws the spotlight once more on the thorny issue of ideological bias, intentional or otherwise, in the mainstream media (MSM).

By refusing to investigate the many other photos supplied by Adrian Hajj (though the news agency has withdrawn all of them) Reuters betrays two fears. First, of exposing its reputation further and, second, facing accusations of institutional bias. A British blogger has raised serious questions about the coverage generally and the German newspaper Bildt has revealed that the "soldier" carrying a dead girl from a house allegedly destroyed in an Israeli air strike in a photo beamed worldwide is actually a professional Hezbollah PR man. Elsewhere the Blogosphere has revealed discrepancies in other Hajj photos, inconsistencies in time stamps on other media photos, and evidence of the same photo being used more than once in the MSM as evidence for separate Israeli attacks. (full post)

The People's Cube has a hilarious post on this, "Flat Fatima - Revolution In News Photography"

Improve your war footage and get Pulitzer-winning dramatic pictures with the moaning Flat Fatima™. Her classic heartbreaking posture will easily manipulate audiences into forming the desired opinion on any conflict.

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