Thursday, June 15, 2006


Google is bringing back nightmares for me with this recent random project by putting all of William Shakespeare's works online. One of my favorite professors at Wisconsin was Professor Weiner. He was an intellectual powerhouse and I enjoyed his class on Milton so much I wanted to take his class on Shakespeare. Wrong move.

I suffered that semester because on top of my other heavy courses for this class we went through twelve of the great bard's plays. Then for our final exam we had to memorize all twelve to effectively prepare because he was taking quotes from six out of the twelve, and then you picked four to identify the exact place in a play, its context, and correctly analyze its relevance. I remember reading through each play at least four times and reciting Shakespeare in my sleep. I was wondering if I was in East Asia where memorization is emphasized and questioning if Professor Weiner was diluting the quality of America's education system at the collegiate level. Anyway, I came away doing well on the exam, but I didn't see even a marginal benefit of stuffing my mind with Shakespeare til it puked his words into my dreams and create random shouts of frustration in public spaces. Anyway, I still might be intrigued to visit this new Google project if bouts of sadomasochism arise.

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