Monday, June 5, 2006


Good move by eBay. A better move would have been to utilize our platform :)

eBay Exuberantly Joins Web 2.0 with Launch of Blogs and Wikis for Sellers

eBay is exuberantly jumping into social media with the launch eBay Blogs and the eBay Community Wiki and other community tools that heralds the largest corporate move into Web 2.0 to date. eBay will launch the new sellers' marketing tools at the sold out eBay Live conference that more than 10,000 people are set to attend in Las Vegas on June 13-15, according to Ina Steiner at Auctionbytes blog.

Clearly, eBay understands that selling on the Internet is about creating community and engaging in credible conversation, and not about whacking buyers over the head with heavy-handed sales speak. Providing the community-building tools for sellers involves a massive education campaign that other sales sites, from Yahoo stores to department stores will have to catch up with quickly or be left behind in the dust. (full post)

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