Sunday, May 7, 2006


If you missed the live webcast of OnHollywood, you can visit the archives here. Here are two great clips of Peter Hirshberg's opening session and interviews he did, and Tom Green's presentation of his online channel,

Here are some of the newsclips and blog posts about OnHollywood:

Gotta put up Ashish's post first since him and his team at Tekriti were rockstars for us. You guys kickass as our development team and partners!

Adrian Chan, our social interaction designer, posts here.

Bunch of ZDNet posts...

Steve Gillmor's "Hollywood High" post states:

But Tony has a odd sense of timing that seems to presage important shifts in the tech ecosystem. As an example, Tony is showing a slide that shows an upward curve (A great time to be an Entrepreneur) that he cheerfully admits has absolutely no data to back it up.

Along with some biting commentary on Peter Hirschberg's opening session.

"The Glass Onion"

"True or False"

"The Emperor's New Clothes"

"Letting 'them' eat cake"

ZDNet's Dan Farber has a few (crap. forgot to put his blog in the OnHollywood blogroll. sorry!):

"OnHollywood kick off keynote"

"Hollywood trying to play by new rules"

"Net neutrality about the future of TV?"

"VC Tim Draper: SOX ruined our business"

"OnHollywood: Consumer generated media"

Jeff Clavier's post on the "Exit Strategies for early stage companies - Buy, Hold, Sell" panel is here.

VC Ratings, which is's cool new blog in the TechCrunch, alarm:clock, and VentureWire space, has this post, "Draper and Calacanis clash in Hollywood."

CNET has a couple posts...

"No more bargains lost in the laundry"

"Hollywood may get it, but will they kill it?"

Stowe Boyd writes, "The Suits Are Clueful"

David Parmet has his "Best lines of the show"

Traditional Media:

"Is the Web the new Hollywood?" (CNET)

"CBS launches Web-based `channel'"
(The Mercury News)

"Show Asks: Is Web The New Hollywood?" (Investor's Business Daily)

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