Monday, April 3, 2006

Shanghai, An Amazing Environment for Growth... Online Gaming

So I'm sitting here feeling a bit under the weather and sick from the taxi driver blasting the air conditioning for about 30 minutes while refusing to understand our requests in English last night. I was already in pain from getting a minor illness on the flight to Shanghai, so last night sealed it for me. Christine was amazed I got sick from these factors since it usually takes a strong virus to put me down... ebola, rabies, rubella, etc.

Anyway, during our time in Shanghai we met with my friend who heads Nexon's China operations and he showed me how they launched their popular Kart Rider two weeks ago, which I posted about before.

Within this time period, they hit over 200,000 concurrent users with 300,000 new users added each day. Right now they are at 6 million total registered users. Amazing. If you make or take the right hit game to the Chinese market, this is an example of the incredible growth you can experience in this underdeveloped online market.

Nexon is a private company, so I know my friends in banking in Asia are falling over themselves to get this deal and hopefully take it on to NASDAQ. Possible pitches:

"Do you want me to cut off my arm? Both arms? Sure!..."

"Trip to Bali? How about a worldwide tour that includes Pebble Beach, Dubai, Santorini, and two others of your choosing..."

"Don't go with Goldman Sachs, does their brand really carry any weight on the market anymore? And forget those damn Americans!..."

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