Friday, April 14, 2006


I did a quick search after I wrote the post below and came across this:

A new Gallup poll says the average American is not wild about blogs. Blog readership hasn't increased over the past year or so, even though Americans are spending more time online, writes Al Tompkins at PoynterOnline, citing Gallup's annual Lifestyle survey (sub req.), conducted Dec. 5-8, 2005. Some 9 percent of internet users say they frequently read blogs, another 11 percent read them occasionally, 13 percent say they rarely read them, and 66 percent say they never read them.

First, I have to wonder how they defined "blogs" because over the past year MySpace's traffic numbers have doubled and is now ranked #8 on Alexa's Global 500, which probably accounts for much of this increased online activity. MySpace pages are blogs.

If this wasn't the case, then maybe it's simply more people that were never online or using dial-up discovered all the wonders of the online world. I assume many of these people and other users will eventually access the blogosphere and discover this shangri-la :) But I'm still putting my money on Gallup's flawed data gathering method.

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