Wednesday, March 8, 2006


So it's been a hectic week. We finally launched our alpha testing stage late Tuesday night to a handful of friends and our technology partners.

We're getting some great feedback from our alpha testers. Some slams, which is great, and solid information on fixes and issues we need to deal with. One awesome aspect of all this is Tekriti. They have quick turnaround time, so as people make requests, report bugs, and bring up other issues they just get things done. So changes and improvements will be occuring everyday... not to put pressure on them :)

I still have to deal with finishing our legal documentation on our angel round, catch up on completing contracts with our technology partners, send out some checks, and other tasks all early stage companies need. Playing a bit of catch over the next couple days.

I don't believe I missed three days of fantasy basketball where I didn't setup my lineup and missed a few days of Sportscenter. Typically, even if I only sleep three hours a night for days, I still watch my sportscenter. Crap!

Anyway, I'm using GoingOn's blogging tool right now and this post will be up on my GoingOn personal blog and Junto Boyz on Blogger. We didn't add another set of fields yet, so I can't route this post to my TypePad blog but we will soon. Thousands of little steps towards our public beta in a couple months.

Ashish, co-founder of Tekriti and our development partner, mentions the GoingOn alpha release on his blog here. Ashish and his team kicks ass! Tekriti kicks ass! (I'm such a meathead at times with limited vocabulary)

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