Friday, February 17, 2006


Reading for Friday afternoon...

The Inside Story on Company Blogs
Corporate America may fear critical comments in public blogs, but it isn't ignoring the medium's potential for improving internal communication

Ending Microsoft's identity crisis

If Microsoft needs a lesson on how to do identity management wrong, it needs only look at its past.

With Passport, Microsoft had exactly the wrong approach as the software maker needlessly stepped between businesses and their customers--so says Kim Cameron, the identity expert who leads Microsoft's current effort, known as InfoCard.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates on Tuesday touted InfoCards as one of the technologies that could finally help cement the death of the username and password as the means of verifying identity on the Internet. (full article)

'Dodos' film pecks holes in evolution debate
There's nothing like evolution to get an audience riled up, scientist and filmmaker Randy Olson has discovered.

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