Thursday, February 9, 2006


VC blogger, Fred Wilson, has an interesting post on venture capitalists' investment philosophy:

I think there are two ways to approach the early stage venture business.

You can make a small number of investments and become actively involved in the development of the companies.

Or you can make a large number of investments and let others worry about the development of those companies.

Both models work.

Which one would you prefer if you're starting a new company? I personally would want the active venture capitalist. Of course, Fred didn't clearly define what is meant by "active" since some "active VCs" have 30 hours work weeks while others push themselves beyond 80 hours. Also some really don't add value or they might not have the expertise you are looking for or that is needed to kick start your company. Hopefully, this situation only happens when you have multiple investors. Also in this scenario, I probably only want a couple really active investors since it can become a headache with too many cooks in the kitchen.

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