Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yeah, this is my first post of the day since I was busy all day. Actually, I'm taking a break from work (it's 11pm pst) by blogging. Yeah, blogging is one method of getting away... I must have some deeply rooted issues :)

Anyway, last week through work, I came across Revver, which I thought was cool but very similar to YouTube (TechCrunch profile).

This week I came across Stickam, which has a video communication tool targeted towards bloggers and social networking platforms. I just opened an account, but really haven't played around with it yet. Here's my Stickam player though:

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So lately for me it seems as if "America's Funniest Home Videos" is invading the blogosphere shores. Video directory and sharing sites, video blogging directories, video communicaton tools, videos of video directory employees burning their iPods (yeah, i made the last one up:)...

Michael over at TechCrunch raves about FireAnt today, which is a video blog directory. While doing a search on Revver, I came across an older post of Michael's that compared the "Flickrs of Video" back in November 2005. Pretty cool and useful chart he created for the post.

I guess I'll be playing around with all these products over the next few months.

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