Friday, January 27, 2006


I came across a couple amusing sites related to Google. The first is Google Fight. You enter two items that you want to see a "fight" with and the site brings up the total number of results on Google for each. The winner of course is the one with the most results. So here I did "George Bush" and "Saddam Hussein" with George kicking Saddam's butt 184,000,000 results to 45,200,000 results.

HatTip to Ashish, who on his "To be fair to Google" (an ex-Microsoft's critique of Google's business model:) post linked to Google: Evil or Not? This site compiles news on Google daily and allows visitor to vote on each news item whether they believe Google was being evil or not. Both sites will probably provide 2 minutes of escape for your Friday morning... maybe 5 minutes tops. Have a great weekend :)

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