Tuesday, December 20, 2005


A couple article links here. First is on Red Herring's take of the structure blogging initiative:

Semantic Web, Here We Come
A consortium of blogging startups wants to give deeper meaning to the Internet by giving people tools to categorize web pages.

And the post that created some buzz yesterday by ZDNet's Russell Shaw:

Web 2.0? It doesn't exist

No, I am not turning into a "flat-earther." The world is pear-shaped, Pluto is not a planet, and global warming exists.

But Web 2.0 does not exist.

The advances being touted under the general umbrella of Web 2.0- advances written about with considerable skill on our own Web 2.0 Explorer Blog by our own Richard MacManus - well, of course those advances exist. RSS, Social Media, content aggregation, podcasting, you have it.

My problem is not with the characterization of the components of Web 2.0. It is the implication inherent in the very livery, "Web 2.0," that I just don't get. (full post)

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