Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Tastes of Chicago... Definitely Miss Chicago Food

I really don't know why some people in San Francisco say this is an eating town. Some of the high-end restaurants are good, but the overall restaurant scene is mediocre. Nothing like NYC or Chicago, which is why I loved getting a mailing from Lou Malnati's Pizzeria of Chicago a few days ago.

A sign of a good eating town in my mind is when you get great eats even with low-end and mid-tier restaurants. Also how I define "great" is not just a taste that satisfies you, but a taste that makes you crave for more. I crave Buffalo Joe's chicken wings, Pot Belly's subs, Chop House's 48 oz. Porterhouse, Ditka's fried ice cream...

Anyway, so I'm looking through the mailing that reveals Lou Malnati's is now sending food from other Chicagoland restaurants to anywhere in the U.S. For years, if not decades, Lou Malnati's has been mailing their famous pizzas frozen across the U.S. Now they are sending the goods from Carson's (excellent ribs), Portillo's (incredible Italian beef), Vienna Beef (the original Chicago dog), and a few others. This is AWESOME.

I'm going order some ribs and a few pounds of Italian beef! If you want to check out some nasty, fatty Chicago food go to Lou Malnati's Tastes of Chicago.

(I do not get paid for this or any plug on this blog. Nor do I know anyone at Lou Malnati's, but I wish I did)

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