Monday, December 5, 2005


Recently, Christine and I joined the board of Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA. It is a YMCA that is located in the Tenderloin, the poorest neighborhood in San Francisco, and provides numerous services and programs for its community members, especially targeted towards youth. This YMCA is an integral part of the neighborhood for many of the Tenderloin residents and the fruits of their effort is tangible everyday, which is the primary reason we joined its board.

The Shih-Yu Lang Central YMCA started its annual giving campaign, so if you are looking to give to a good cause definitely consider this organization. Whether it's $25, $50, or more, anything is appreciated. If you want to give, you can visit the link here.

Also in the reference box please enter my name, Bernard Moon, in it. If you have any questions about your donation or this YMCA's program, just email me. Thanks! God Bless!

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