Friday, December 30, 2005


JD Lasica has his list up. An overview of his list below. For all the meat, check out his post:

Everyone else is making Best of 2005 top 10 lists, so here's a quick list of Top 10 ways in which technology has impacted our culture during 2005, in no particular order. I didn't check any other writer's lists, so I probably missed some big ones.

1. The edges gain power.
2. Citizens media takes off.
3. The rise of Web 2.0.
4. Google grows into a collossus.
5. Skype hits 50 million users.
6. Social media become a force.
7. Cell phones get smart.
8. Print's decline accelerates.
9. Podcasting becomes a movement.
10. The power of goodwill.

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