Monday, December 5, 2005


This past Friday Christine and I attended Google's Holiday Party down at Pier 48 in the city. It was an international theme where our check-in to the party was a "Google Air" counter where they checked our IDs and gave us airline tickets to our "remote destinations." India, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, and the UK were the themes.

Christine and I spend a lot of our time in Japan where they had karaoke singing. A few were great and many were awful. She signed up to sing a song, but the wait was so long that we moved to the other destinations. Eventually, we ended the night playing air hockey against each other, which was fun since I haven't played since my college days.

This year's party was definitely better than last year's. The food lasted beyond 8:30pm and the bars stayed opened beyond 10pm. Also the size of the party is reflective of Google's rapid growth. Last year I'm guessing there were a couple thousand people, but this year I believe there was almost 5,000 attendees.

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