Monday, December 19, 2005


Just catching up on newsclips and blog posts that I bookmarked over the past week. Better that I do it here than on, Furl, Spurl, Filangy, Tailrank, Digg, etc. since I don't know what you guys use :)

"Wikipedia vs. Britannica Smackdown ends in carrel throwing brawl"

"Alexa changing the search game?"

"NBA to create huge digital archive"

"Why Microsoft’s classifieds service will be better than Google Base"

"The Money Is In the Text Message Mail"
From alarm:clock. Pretty good idea:

This is a pretty cool product/company launch where users can pay each other via Text messaging in amounts up to $500. The service was developed in response to Craig's list purchases where buyers often don't approve a purchase until they are on the seller's premises.

"Yo, buddy! Do youze, uh, Yahoo?"

The silicon valley talent grab's gone bi-coastal. On Thursday Yahoo opened a new research operation in New York City and tapped Ron Brachman, a former scientist at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, to head it.

"The Big Bet"
Why the U.S. will not solve its economic, educational, health, retirement, energy, and other major structural problems until it suffers a major financial crisis.

Eric Janszen, AlwaysOn's most popular columnist is back! He's taken a longer break than I typically do between columns, so it's good to see Eric back in the middle column of AO.

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