Tuesday, December 6, 2005


HatTip to Jeff. Again Korea proves to have a quicker uptake in all things digital. The one area South Korea was behind in was blogs and social networks compared to the U.S. (2 years behind in development), but with CyWorld's dramatic adoption rate (25% of the population signed up) and blogs experiencing rapid growth this news item isn't so much of a surprise.

The mini-homepages and blogs of Korea’s wired jobseekers are becoming a source of useful information as the recruiting season gets under way. SK Communications said Wednesday a recent survey of jobseekers asking them what extra documentation they would show prospective employers found that 28 percent out of 1,546 respondents would submit mini homepages. That was ahead of their school reports (27 percent) and personal diaries (18 percent).

Meanwhile, recruiting portal Powerjob asked 307 human resource managers of major domestic companies what information they would like to see, and 40 percent named blogs and mini-homepages. An overwhelming 94 percent said they were willing to give additional points to applicants who operate their own homepages that include helpful information related to applicants’ personal interest or academic field.
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