Thursday, November 17, 2005


I'm just amusing myself playing around with the title of this post, especially since the name "Bambi" is in it. Maybe this post will get a surge in traffic from people searching for porn :)

Anyway, MarketWatch's Bambi Francisco writes on Tony's media company, AlwaysOn, and provides a plug for GoingOn Networks. Hooya! (No, there is nothing going on between Bambi and Tony)

Blogcentric media
Commentary: AlwaysOn a model for new media

By Bambi Francisco, MarketWatch

More power to the bloggers.

Gawker Media -- a blog network known for popular weblogs, such as Wonkette, Gizmodo, Defamer and Lifehacker -- just inked a distribution deal with Yahoo News.

It's the latest deal by Yahoo to build up its blog portfolio, and it underscores Yahoo's blog focus. For about a month, Yahoo News has been testing the incorporation of blogs into its news searches. By the Yahoo News search box, it says: "All News & Blogs."
GoingOn platform

To meet projections, Perkins needs to get distribution. AlwaysOn has 50,000 subscribers and a tiny audience base of 250,000 unique monthly visitors. To do this, Perkins plans to start GoingOn by the start of next year. GoingOn is essentially a blog network in a box that Perkins plans to sell to corporate and media companies, like Time Warner's, that want their own blog and social network.

ThinkEquity, whose founder Michael Moe is one of AlwaysOn's contributing bloggers, and Audi, are two companies Perkins is currently speaking with to become the initial GoingOn corporate customers.

To the individual, Perkins says he'll be offering the GoingOn platform for $49 a month. As a blogger myself, I'd find this interesting and useful because I could create my own blog network where others could also post blogs. I can't do that with my current service.

Of course, GoingOn is a big project. Why not just sell out to a big media company that wants to incorporate blog and social network elements, I asked Perkins.

His response: "We are open to selling up to 50% of the company in the near term to an interested media partner who could help us substantially grow our global brand presence." (full article)

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