Thursday, November 17, 2005


In rare form, I'm going to praise AOL. The move to webcast TV classic is a strong move by the 'old yeller' of the Internet. It's smart to continue their focus on delivering unique content, such as their successful broadcast of the Live8 concerts, especially since they have access to all the libraries under Time Warner.

America Online is bringing classic TV to the Internet. AOL announced Monday a joint venture with corporate partner Warner Bros. to webcast 300 episodes a month of 100 classic TV series.

The shows include blasts from the past such as Growing Pains, F Troop, Babylon V and Welcome Back, Kotter. They will be shown free, on demand, with four 15-second commercials per episode on in the USA.

With the new In2TV feature, AOL and Warner Bros. are seeking to find a home for shows that have ended syndication and cable runs.
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