Thursday, October 27, 2005


Last night was incredible watching the White Sox win their first World Series crown in 88 years. The last time Chicago fans celebrated a World Series title was 1917, so I know the city is going crazy right now. Admittedly, I'm a Cubs fan, but I still love my hometown so I'm happy for Chicago and all the White Sox fans.

There are a couple bittersweet moments that I was thinking about during the days that led up to last night's win:

1. Jerry Reinsdorf gets a World Series title. The owner of the White Sox and Bulls in Chicago is probably the second most hated man for Chicago sports fans after his former GM Jerry Krause. I really hate Reinsdorf for treating Michael Jordan poorly and allowing for our Chicago Bulls to break up after winning six NBA titles where they could have won a couple more. His arrogance disgusts me, and I remember him stating that winning a World Series title means more to him than his six NBA titles so I really hate it now that he won.

2. Frank Thomas should have been playing. I love the Big Hurt. After my childhood favorite, Don Mattingly, I really believe Frank Thomas deserved to win and play in the World Series since he is such a class act and incredible player. It really sucked that the Yankees started to win again the year after Mattingly retired. It's not exactly the same situation, but Thomas got hurt in the middle of this year so he couldn't contribute to this year's championship team. Hopefully they'll get another title with Frank.

More from ESPN's Jim Caple here.

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