Thursday, October 6, 2005


Well, this isn't really a round up from my perspective since I left after the morning sessions, but a compilation of blog posts:

SiliconBeat's "Zimbra & Zvents win at Web 2.0 & other gossip"

TechCrunch on Attention Trust's Recorder, and Seth Goldstein's and Greg Yardley's posts at AttentionTrust's blog.

TechCrunch's has a list of startups that presented at Web 2.0's Launchpad workshop, and as usual they provide some great summaries. Part 1 of their list here and Part 2 here.

Om has his "10 Things About Web 2.0 Conference"

And Brad Feld has some brief comments on the difference between O'Reilly's Web 2.0 conference and The Media Center's We Media in NYC. Most of our team (Marc, Carl, Valerie, and I) stayed in SF and went to Web 2.0, and Marc did his workshop gig yesterday which went well). Tony attended the We Media conference yesterday along with some other meetings in NYC.

UPDATE: More posts and thoughts...

From Marc on his workshop, which I did think he tooted his horn a little too much:), and Microsoft's Dare Obasanjo notes from the workshop... actually his notes and thoughts are pretty detailed on this and other events at Web 2.0, so I would recommend checking out his blog.

Genuine VC has "Minor Tidbits from Web2.0 Conference" and a couple other posts.

Jeff Jarvis, who is guest blogging at Lifehacker, has his views on some of the companies at the Launchpad.

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