Wednesday, October 5, 2005


HatTip to Om. Marc Andreessen corrected my prior post about the false speculation that his new thing was a blogging platform like ours. Now we find out that it's something pretty cool:

Ning is a free online service (or, as we like to call it, a Playground) for building and using social applications. Social apps are web applications that enable anyone to match, transact, and communicate with other people.

Om's commentary:

The much talked about 24 Hour Laundry has come out from under the covers as Ning. This is Marc Andressen’s latest and has some seriously smart people working for the company. What they have done is developed a meta app, a framework that allows folks like you and me to roll our own “social applications.” It is a hard one to quantify, and you have to use it to know it. Given that we have been bombarded with social apps in recent months, its nice to see a "mother of all social apps." (full post)

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