Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Love those psycho neocons. Some more words from The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto:

Voters in Iraq approved the new constitution by a landslide 78% to 21% margin, Reuters reports:

"Two provinces had already been confirmed to have voted heavily "No"--96 percent in the insurgent stronghold of Anbar and 81 percent in Saddam Hussein's home region of Salahaddin.

But the final results announced on Tuesday showed that a third, "swing," province of Nineveh, had voted by only 55 percent against the constitution, short of a two-thirds majority."

Opponents of Iraqi democracy will complain that the Sunnis are "disenfranchised," but it should be noted that such outlying jurisdictions are common in the U.S. too. In 1964, for example, 87% of Mississippi voters rejected Lyndon B. Johnson, who won a nationwide landslide. Likewise in 1984, when the District of Columbia went 85% against Ronald Reagan. No one would argue that these results mean America would be better off under a fascist dictatorship.

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