Friday, October 21, 2005


Samantha Burns has a revealing and entertaining post on Michelle Kosinski
, the MSN reporter who tried to deceive the nation about a water catastrophe in New Jersey.

Moron of the week #5 is Michelle Kosinski because she so deservingly gained the title. And, because nobody guessed correctly, despite the double meaning hint "by the looks of things, I'd say that this person could be in deep trouble", Shockingly Provincial remains enthroned.

For those who haven't heard, perhaps you're wading on the sidelines not knowing about the news of the week, Michelle Kosinski is a news reporter for MSN Today show who deceived us all about the water catastrophe in New Jersey.

Okay, so we weren't really deceived since two men walked by her in ankle deep water while she was fake paddling a canoe, giving away her story that ended up being rather farcical, even to the news anchors.

So, here's the story if you haven't heard it yet (the video footage is available on that site). While Wayne, NJ had accumulated 8 days of rain water, Kosinki decided to take advantage of the story.
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