Thursday, September 29, 2005


Dave Pell, blogger at Electablog and Davenetics (now combined), has launched a new product called Rollyo. TechCrunch has a good overview:

The basic idea? Create customized searches (built on Yahoo search) that include only those sites you want to include. Search those sites for information that you know you can trust. And, see what other’s have created, and leverage those searches as well.

To set up (or “roll”) a search, you are asked to name up to 20 websites, pick a category and tag the search. A search can be public or private - public searches are ranked by popularity and listed on the site. You can also share searches with others directly.
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It's a neat service, but I'm not sure if you can built a company on such a service. To me it seems like a feature or a widget that belongs to a larger set of services. The beauty of the Internet and Web 2.0 today is that you can built a lot of cool services and companies for cheap, but I believe a lot of these companies are not sustainable businesses. Anyway, check Rollyo out and here's my "Republican Rhetoric" rollyo with a "John Roberts" search result (i couldn't create a direct link without inputing a search).

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