Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I hope Dennis doesn't mind that I took his drawing for Google's 7th Birthday celebration and posted it here. Anyway, it's amazing when you think about how far Google has come. They almost sold out to Excite.com, started to provide their search technology to Yahoo!, wandered to find their primary business model, and then became a technology juggernaut.

Also early last month Yahoo! boasted a bit that their search surpassed 20 billion documents and images and that it was more than Google, which at the time stated it indexed about 11.3 billion documents and images.

Today on its birthday, Google says, "Back at ya, dude!" Three times more than any other search engine! On its blog it states three times more, but I heard it was over 30 billion documents and images they were going to announce (yes, i heard a while back but kept the secret:). If it's three times more than Yahoo! that means they indexed more than 60 billion. I'm guessing Google's Anna Patterson didn't read Yahoo!'s announcement.

Lastly, to complete this Google-centric post, here is a good article from BusinessWeek, "Managing Google's Idea Factory."

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