Monday, August 1, 2005


Wired News has a good article and plug for GoingOn Networks, and Marc did a good job representing us:

Between Friendster profiles, Flickr photo streams, LiveJournal blogs and bookmarks -- not to mention e-mailing, instant messaging and Skyping -- the much-ballyhooed "social web" can feel like a slippery slope to multiple personality disorder.

But if a still-under-development service called the GoingOn Network lives up to its hype, our online selves may soon enjoy a long-overdue digital reintegration.

GoingOn, announced last week and slated for release in the fall, is the brainchild of Macromedia founder Marc Canter and Tony Perkins, the founder of business media site AlwaysOn.

Calling it a "digital lifestyle aggregator," Canter promises that individuals will need just one login and password to check news feeds, publish blog posts, manage social networks and swap photos or music online -- all while being able to access the same services they currently use.

GoingOn will also have its own social-networking component built in, but Canter is adamant that he's not trying to get other products to run on his platform. Instead, his goal is interoperability; in his words, "We will become an identity hub."

GoingOn is just one part of a growing movement called "Identity 2.0" that is dedicated to challenging the way our identities are managed online.
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