Thursday, August 11, 2005


I signed up for the Odeo beta a while back and I got an email invite over a month ago. For some weird reason, I kept that one email unread throughout all these weeks. It's weird because I'm typically an anal email person. I read everything and delete unnecessary emails even though I use Gmail. I will also go into the trash and "delete forever" emails I know I will never read again. I don't like clutter online and offline, so I don't know why I did this. Maybe part of my brain wanted to rebel? Who knows?

Anyway, I downloaded it and tested it out. Cool. Not a big podcast listener, but it's cool. They also got recently funded. More from the company blog here.

While I was trying out Odeo, I thought I would also check out Meetro. It's a location-based chat service. I believe they are or were in talks with Google to get bought out. CNet's Google Blog also has some thoughts on this acquisition. Stefanie Olsen, the blogger, speculates a combination of Hello and Meetro for a future IM service from Google. I heard somewhere that Google built their own IM system, so maybe there will be a three-way combo of these IM platforms?

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