Friday, August 5, 2005


More from Michelle Malkin. Great stuff :)


One of my readers and advertisers, Bob Johnson of, is a radio industry veteran and has compiled a helpful list of questions regarding the transactions between Progress Media, Gloria Wise and Piquant, LLC. Feel free to forward these to your favorite Air America host or New York Times editor:

A Third Rate Burglary

1. Which owners, officers and directors/executive committee members of Progress Media and Gloria Wise reviewed and approved the loans and transactions between the two organizations?
2. Were these meetings and transactions legally entered into corporate records and accurately reflected on financial statements and/or disclosures?
3. Who signed the notes on behalf of Progress Media and Gloria Wise?
4. What were the terms of the transactions?
5. What security was used to guarantee repayment?
6. Did Gloria Wise violate any federal, state or city laws in transferring money to Progress Media and/or Evan Cohen?
7. Which officers of Progress Media and Gloria Wise signed the notes?

Scam Media

1. What is the legal status of Progress Media? Has it been dissolved or is it a legal entity but not doing business?
2. Define the term “defunct”.
3. If Progress Media still exists, who holds ownership? (full post)

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