Monday, August 15, 2005


I came across Nivi's blog today for the first time, and he had an interesting post and observation on the current state of entrepreneurship in the Bay Area:

If you had any doubt that the level of startup activity in the Bay Area had reached epic proportions, a quick perusal of craigslist should set you straight.

I was recently looking through craigslist’s Bay Area computer gigs for engineers on a project I am working on (codename: Ninja). And I was blown away by the number of people who are looking for co-founders for their burgeoning startups on craigslist. They are not looking for engineers to build out their team, they are literally looking for co-founders!

Here are five random posts from the just the last few days.

- looking for co-founder - Social network startup

- Looking for a technical partner to start a web-startup

- Entrepreneur is looking for a technical leader/ CTO

- Seeking Developers to create Killer 3g Application

- Startup co-founder wanted, eBay services startup
(full post)

I will say that if you're looking for a co-founder, that is a high hurdle to jump towards success because you have to have complete trust and faith in the person you're building a new company with and it's hard to start from ground zero for such a relationship. I'm actually drafting an essay on the important team elements for startups, and hopefully I'll have time this week to post it up.

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