Thursday, August 18, 2005


I'm off to the Blog Business Summit at starts today and goes through tomorrow. I did attend a dinner last night that Niall Kennedy organized. It was great meeting some of the attendees and industry people that went to the gathering. Some people actually were not attending the conference, but went to the dinner because of Niall's post.

Sidenote... This was the first time I had Chinese food where people ordered individually. I always found it funny when non-Asians ordered it this way (is that guy really ordering a whole kung pao chicken for himself? a whole plate of hunan beef? doesn't it get boring?), but was never in the middle of it. I have primarily only seen this type of ordering from small town America, so it was even weirder that we were in San Francisco which has a huge Chinese population and a high percentage of Asians. I think Jewish people are the only non-Asians where I can safely assume that they know how to order Chinese food (multiple dishes that you share). Go to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas and you'll see.

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