Monday, July 11, 2005


Good post at SiliconValleyWatcher about Technorati's business model and revealing of their veil. I always wondered what their business model was going to be. I emailed Marc and he posted a whole "tirade" about it.

The selling of the Blogosphere—Technorati's big push into monetizing its treasure trove of data collected about millions of blogs

. . .helping corporations control their message

Last Friday I was on a panel with Sam Whitmore, of the popular Media Survey, and Peter Hirshberg, a very high powered marketing guy (see his bio) representing Technorati, a well known web site that is very highly regarded by the blogging community because of its early focus on the blogging phenomena.

Technorati has done an enormous amount of work in supporting the early blogging communities, and it has been a strong evangelist for bloggers everywhere through its promotion of blogs and bloggers. And through its close watch on blogs, it has helped the blogging community understand itself, and how it is evolving.

The subject of the panel was "How the Blogosphere is changing the game in PR and marketing" organized by the PR company Horn Group and nicely moderated by Shannon Latta, a partner of the Horn Group, and the panel included Horn Group's in-house blogger Blake Barbera, who writes an increasingly popular blog: Wet Feet PR.

What surprised me was how aggressively Mr Hirshberg was pitching Technorati's expensive blog tracking services to this audience of agency and corporate communications professionals. Mr Whitmore barely mentioned his company, and I didn't pitch anything, maybe I should have :-)
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