Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Powerline definitely had some fireworks going on at their blog on the Fourth of July. Amusing commentary and analysis of Trudeau's recent Doonesbury comic that took a shot at bloggers:

Trudeau's clueless comic

I gave up reading Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury strip some thirty years ago. In the mid-1980's I attended a version of Trudeau's incredibly lame satirical revue Rap Master Ronnie when it played at the Mixed Blood Theater in Minneapolis. By Trudeau's lights, Ronald Reagan was of course a stupid oaf. I haven't taken another look at Trudeau's work since then.

Yesterday, however, a reader asked us to respond to Trudeau's Sunday Doonesbury strip attacking bloggers (the reduced image below is linked to a full-size reproduction of the strip at the Slate archive of the Doonesbury daily strips). I'm not familiar with the characters Trudeau employs in this strip, but his point seems to be that bloggers are obsessive, clueless, vainly in love with the sound of their voice even if no one is listening, and perhaps delusional. I'm sure the portrait applies to some cartoonists as well as bloggers.
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