Monday, July 11, 2005


Old post I forgot to put up earlier, but imporant enough to do so now. It refers to Louis Monier's, Alta Vista's founder and eBay’s Director of Advanced Technology, recent move from eBay to Google. One email from Larry and Louis made the move.

Why do I believe Google Wallet, if it does overlap with eBay's PayPal, will kick PayPal's butt? For the reasons mentioned here and Monier's statement:

"eBay does not absorb innovation at the pace I enjoy, and its focus is narrower than Google. So rather than chewing on variations of e-commerce for the next few years, I'm very tempted to play with radically new stuff..."

The quality of their products and impact on the development of web services each of them have simply are the best. Some products, such as Picasa, are not the most user-friendly and haven't led in their respective space, but I believe most of them have and will continue to do so.

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