Thursday, June 23, 2005

No Social Networking Site Is An Island

My column went up yesterday without my knowing. I had a break in the schedule from the OhMyNews International Citizen Reporters' Forum in Seoul since I didn't want to attend a visit of Samsung Electronics. Just got back to the hotel room and catching up on some work and a bit of blogging.

Jill, my editor, came up big with a great header and subheader since I couldn't come up with one in the rush of things before I took off for Seoul. Anyway, check it out!

No Social Networking Site Is an Island
But they can and will become key components of a host of next-generation web offerings in which content is king and the way users interact with it is paramount.

UPDATE: This article was lost during the horrible transition from AlwaysOn's old site to the new site. The AO people didn't back up their files before the transfer. Yeah, pretty dumb.

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