Monday, May 9, 2005


This just cracks me up
for some reason. Take a look at Arianna's new project.

Old post by Rafat Ali, which I didn't have time to post earlier:

Well, I suppose this won't qualify in our "nanopublishing" category...Arianna Huffington's celebrity blog venture is going to launch on May is going to be called the Huffington Post.

Besides other details, Kenneth Lerer, a former executive VP of AOL Time Warner, is helping her in forming and developing this new venture. Lerer and Huffington will manage the Post, with Lerer overseeing a staff of half a dozen people in a loft in lower Manhattan. She has also hired away Matt Drudge's right-hand Web whiz, Andrew Breitbart, who used to be her researcher.

Huffington has signed a contract with Tribune Media Services, which syndicates her newspaper column, to syndicate parts of her blog to newspapers and their sites.

Another take from Rafat's earlier post:

Arianna Huffington's Heavy-Hitter Blog Media Venture: Out of five years of covering the blog movement (since 1999), this has to be the craziest story to come out of the whole thing (is it a parody?): Arianna Huffington, the conservative-turned-liberal author, pundit, California gubernatorial candidate, and bona fide blogger, is adding "media entrepreneur" to her list of titles with a new online publishing venture, the Huffington Report. The site will be in the mold of Slate and Salon, with, get this, guest bloggers ranging from Sen. Jon Corzine, Larry David, Barry Diller, Tom Freston, David Geffen, Vernon Jordan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Harry Evans and his wife, Tina Brown.

Her business partner is Ken Lerer, the head of AOL-TW's corporate communications in the Bob Pittman era.

Along with the celebrity cred, these super-busy bloggers may not actually blog, but e-mail or phone in their posts: "We're setting up a system wherein you'll be able to e-mail or phone in your latest take, which our editorial team will fact-check and turn into a blog post."

The site's soft launch is apparently set for April.

My own little investigation: is registered by Jonah Peretti, the director of R&D at Eyebeam, an experimental art and technology non-profit based in NYC (and Eyebeam recently granted a fellowship to uber-blogger Jason Kottke). Is Eyebeam funding it, and is Kottke involved in this? More later...

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