Thursday, May 5, 2005


Some people can't handle being on top because it gets to their heads and cockiness sets in, which eventually leads to their downfall. I hope Google isn't going through this and these criticisms are more a reflection of a rapidly growing company's lack of established protocol and infrastructure to respond and communicate effectively.

Google: biting the hand that feeds it?
Everybody loves Google, right? Not so fast.

In honor of National Teacher Day, Google featured on its home page Tuesday a graphic of a chalkboard with an apple at its base. Quirky tributes like this are meant to engender goodwill among the Google masses.

Not everyone, however, is feeling warm and fuzzy toward Google.

A new study of national advertisers and interviews with a handful of marketing agencies indicate that the Internet giant could have a customer service problem.

"Google has always been bad -- worse than bad even," said Dana Todd, the president of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), a 300-member trade group founded in 2002.

Independent media analyst Jack Myers, in his fourth annual "customer satisfaction" survey of online sales groups, also found that advertisers aren't entirely happy with Google's service.

Google's core issue appears to be one of customer interaction. Google developed the world's most popular Internet search engine. But it makes most of its money selling what's known as paid-search advertising, or ads that are based on search results or the content that appears on another site that has partnered with Google. (full article)

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