Saturday, May 14, 2005

Former CIA agent, was on the ground in Afghanistan during initial war

This guy was in the mix during initial aftermath of September 11th and the push for war into Afghanistan. He was on "Meet The Press" on May 8th. Here's some highlights.

On Bin Laden's Head:
Russert: Mr. Black gave you specific instructions on what he wanted you to bring home.

Mr. Schroen: That's true. He did ask that once we got bin Laden and killed him, that we send his head back in a cardboard box on dry ice so that he could take it down and show the president.

: Where would you find the dry ice in Afghanistan?

Mr. Schroen: That's what I mentioned to him. I said, "Cofer, I think that I can come up with pikes to put the heads of the lieutenants on," which is the second part of what he wanted done. "Dry ice, we'll have to improvise." (more)

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