Friday, April 1, 2005


I almost forgot that April 1, 2003 I started blogging. It's been two years since my friend, Doug, introduced me to the world of blogs while I was living in Korea. I was working on a capital raising assignment at the time and he asked me to explore some project possibilities for his consulting company. In the end, I focused more the deal I was working on and soon left for my vacation to the U.S. without helping him out. I still feel bad since I didn't get a chance to work on anything for Doug and I benefited tremendously from his introduction to the blogosphere. Thanks, Doug!

Also thanks to the readers of this blog. I really appreciate the people that have kept visiting even though it really doesn't have a focus. Most successful blogs, which I don't define this blog as, have a focus that has developed into a loyal following. I have a decent following of a few thousand each month even though my posts are everywhere... tech, politics, religion, rants, links, and some substance. Hopefully, I'll improve on the last item for the next year to come:) Have a great weekend!



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