Monday, April 25, 2005


"The New, New Media Market" breakfast panel that I co-moderated with Scott Rafer last Thursday was actually recorded by William Luciw over at Viewpoint West Partners. You can hear my lame intro where I was stiff as a board (lack of sleep excuse), but you should listen to David Sifry (CEO, Technorati), Chris Alden (Ceo, Rojo), and Jonathan Abrams (Founder, Friendster) comments and responses. I thought these guys were the most insightful from the panel with others having some good thoughts here and there. I was a bit surprised by Abrams since all I heard about was his arrogance and my assumptions that he wouldn't add value since his leadership at Friendster led to several missed opportunities. He gave some decent insights and wasn't as haughty as I expected.

David Sifry has a post on it here and BusinessWeek's The Tech Beat blog has comments here and here by Rob Hof. I actually didn't know BusinessWeek had blogs until Tony called me about it. Another blog for my blogroll.

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