Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I haven't read the book, so who know what set Jobs off. Maybe the book isn't as positive as the publisher has stated, or maybe it was just a quick read through by Jobs or someone at Apple that led them to a hasty decision?

Apple Banishes Publisher Over Jobs Biography

Chris Noon, 04.27.05

Doers and doings in business, entertainment and technology:

iRon curtain? Apple Computer's zeal in protecting its intellectual property, as well as its image, may not be news any more. But it has taken a surprising new turn: The iPod maker has purged its 104 stores of all books by the publisher of a forthcoming unauthorized biography about Chief Executive Steve Jobs. The Wiley & Sons tome, iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business, hardly sounds like a hatchet job, and its author says he is bewildered by Apple's move. "I thought the book was pretty positive and laudatory," Jeffrey Young told the Associated Press. "It covers his personal life and there is something about his illness. I wouldn't call any of it outrageous." Apple demanded that Wiley halt the release of the biography after viewing a manuscript sent to the computer maker two weeks ago. Lori Sayde, a Wiley spokeswoman, says the company will publish the biography regardless: "We're hoping that they will re-evaluate their position because we have worked very hard to establish a good relationship with Apple," she was quoted as saying in the Associated Press. (full article)

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